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Entomology baseball cards

March 2, 2010

Great Walking Leaf Card (front)

I just read today that Upper Deck, maker of baseball cards and peddlers of various sports memorabilia items, is coming out with a line of Entomology baseball cards.  The first card they’ve released for a sneak peek is the Great Walking Leaf, Phyllium giganteum.  Evidently on the backside there is a general description with some kind of distribution map.  Can’t decide yet whether or not I like these…the look is classic, which is kind of cool, but maybe a little over stylized for my tastes.


Great Walking Leaf Card (back)

You can read more about these bug cards at the following ESPN site: .  Unfortunately there is no information on how to order.  I also looked at the Upper Deck website and found no ordering information; actually, I didn’t see the Entomology cards even mentioned there at all.






————Update (3 March 2010)—————

OK, so after a little more searching I found that the Entomology cards are part of a trading card set called “Goodwin Champions.”

I must confess I have never been into collecting trading cards of any sort, so I am not well versed in the trade, but I think when you order a pack of these cards you get a random selection of the various cards that make up the set – one of which could be an Entomology card.  There are 30 Entomology cards total, picturing the following butterflies and other interesting insects and arthropods:

Mexican Silverspot, Spotted Amberwing, Blue Metalmark, Meadow Wanderer, BD Butterfly, Malay lacewing, Painted Jezabel, Sunflower Trollup, Buttercup Sulphur, Spicebush Swallowtail, Pipevine Swallowtail, Strawberry Bluff, Apricot Sulphur, Military Tiger, Cramer’s 89, Bullet Ant, Bottle-brush Longhorn, Man Face Beetle, Rusty Brown Scorpion, Baby Black Scorpion, Fiddle Beetle, Great Walking Leaf, Rosey Walking Stick, Dead-leaf Mantid, Cryptic Mantid, Red Nose Lantern-fly, Minty Walking Leaf, Blomfilds’ Beauty, Blue Brush-foot, Chinese Lantern-fly.

Here are some more sneak peeks-

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  1. May 6, 2010 2:00 pm

    These are pretty cool, but I noticed that at least one of their ID’s is a pretty big fail…

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