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Be a Rockstar, Do Some Entomology Outreach.

April 12, 2010

It’s not every day you get to feel like a rockstar…especially when you’re an entomologist.  This is why I keep the following letter in my cubicle at work – whenever I’m feeling like a loser, I look at it and feel a little better:

It’s a letter I received in response to a career presentation on Entomology that I gave last year at my daughters’ elementary school.  I particularly like where he writes “you’re awesome” and “you’re an inspiration to us all.” 

I’ll admit that it was a small inconvenience to take time off from work, get everything ready, and haul it all out there, but the payoff was obviously worth it.  Here it is, almost a year later, and I’m still remembering it.  There were even a few kids who asked for my autograph. It was awesome.  I was asked to come back again this year, but unfortunately I’m going to be in Okinawa for Pesticide Applicator training…bummer.

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