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Chris Hardwick sports an ant t-shirt for his “Attack of the Show” Apple Ipad review

April 6, 2010

Something odd caught my eye tonight as I was watching G4’s “Attack of the Show” gadget review segment…Chris Hardwick wearing an ant t-shirt? 

Here is an image I lifted off YouTube:

At first I thought maybe it was an image of an ants book cover that had been turned into a t-shirt (I’ve been mulling over similar ideas lately…), but when I found a close-up image, it turns out this is a t-shirt from a California Academy of Sciences exhibit.

I did a little a little sleuthing on the internet and this t-shirt is no longer available at the California Academyof Sciences store.  In fact, it appears that the “Ants: Hidden Worlds Revealed” exhibit was back in 2005, so this t-shirt is about half a decade old.  I didn’t know much about Chris Hardwick (other than as the host of “Web Soup”) so I looked him up as well, and I guess it should be no surprise that he would sport such a cool shirt.  In addition to his TV and comedy gigs, he is a self proclaimed science nerd and does science writing for Wired magazine.  I think he may also have a thing for t-shirts since he sells some on his blog, The Nerdist – unfortunately, none are as cool as his California Academy of Sciences ant shirt.

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  1. corycampora permalink
    April 10, 2010 11:06 am

    So, since I posted this, I’ve learned more about Mr. Hardwick, and I’ve sort of become a fan. I think he’s a funny a guy and seems to be a pretty decent fellow – plus, he’s into bugs

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